Charter Bus Orlando

Charters of America is one of the nation’s largest charter bus companies. With a networking charter bus fleet of over 3,000, we are proud to service the city of Orlando, Florida and its surrounding cities. Choose from our fleet of passenger vans, school buses, mini buses and charter buses to get you on the go. Our charter buses and mini buses are equipped with the latest technology and comfort to ensure that your ground transportation in Orlando is a pleasant one. Speak with a trained agent at 407-537-0498, to see how we can assist with your charter bus or minibus transportation needs for the Orlando, Florida area.

Orlando Charter Bus Rental Service

If you are planning an event or an activity in Orlando, you can contact our reservation agents who are at your disposal 24/7 in order to assist you with everything that you need. Our company provides one of the largest bus services in the nation. What is more, we make safety standards our highest priority. Each driver and operator is screened beforehand in order to ensure that they meet all of the requirements of Georgia’s Department of Transportation.

Renting a charter bus is an efficient step to take when you need transportation services for weddings, private events, sporting events, business trips, and similar events. Even when you need transportation at the last minute, we are here for you; we are experts in aiding groups with their transportation needs at any given time. Our charter vehicles can be dispatched in two hours or less.

If you plan on exploring the city, you can do that with charter bus Orlando! You will save time and money while having a splendid time. Call now to rent the charter bus that best suits your needs.

Our company is the best choice for every institution; whether you need a charter bus for a school trip or a business trip, we are the right choice. Our charter buses have various seat capacities so that each group in need of transportation can have an enjoyable trip with the utmost comfort, and all of this at an affordable price. Moreover, we offer premium amenities: extra legroom, TV monitors, plush seating, restrooms, DVD players, power outlets, Wi-Fi, and many more.

We provide a wide variety of vehicles, such as minibuses with 18 seats, as well as charter buses with up to 56 seats. Our vehicles are modern, with exquisite interiors and exteriors, restrooms on board, free Wi-Fi, and many other amenities designed for your ultimate comfort. If you want to take the most relaxing trip of your life, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Orlando International Airport Shuttle Service

Are you traveling to or from the Orlando International Airport? If so, call Charters of America now at 407-537-0498. We offer a shuttle and private car service that runs seven days week, 24 hours a day. No matter the group size, Charters of America will accommodate your itinerary. While traveling to or from the Orlando International Airport, we are confident that you will have a comfortable and enjoyable ride as our fleet of buses are always updated with the industries latest technology. You might fly first class in the friendly skies, but you will always ride first class with Charters of America. We look forward to being your choice for your Orlando International Airport shuttle service needs.

Touring The City of Orlando

Orlando, Florida is a tourist attraction to millions of people from around the world . From tourist’s attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, The Epcot Center and many more; Orlando without question is a dominant tourist attraction city. Call now at 407-537-0498 and speak with one of one our trained agents regarding your sightseeing itinerary for Orlando. Our inventory for numerous buses runs deep. We are always working around the clock to ensure our customers a great experience while riding with us.

Corporate Events in Orlando

Charters of America should be your charter bus company for corporate events in Orlando, Florida. If your company or organization has plans to visit the Orlando County Convention Center or any other events within the metropolitan area of Orlando, we have you covered. No matter if you are a group size of 20 or 20,000, Charters of America has a network of minibuses and charter buses that will accommodate you. Call now and speak with a trained and professional agent for your upcoming corporate event. It is always with great pleasure to have you ride with Charters of America.

Charter Bus Services For Sporting Events

Orlando, Florida is home to numerous professional sports teams, college sports teams and high school sports team. No matter if you play for the Orlando Magics or the University of Central Florida, Charters of America is the bus transportation for your organization. We have access to a googol amount ofschool buses, mini buses and charter buses that will fit your sports team needs. If you are a field hockey team playing for a local high school or a professional sports team such as the Orlando Magic, we have what it takes to transport your team. Ride in luxury and comfort to your next away game. Besides our friendly and professional drivers, you will also find our luggage compartments to be quite spacious.

Also, if you’re a golfer at heart, take advantage of the great golf courses that Orlando has to offer. From Bay Hill Club and Lodge to the Waldorf Astoria Club, Charters of America has you covered. If you are a group size of 10 or 10,000, we have the capability to take you to your golf course of choice. Your focus should be shooting par or below while our focus is to make sure you arrive safely and in a timely manner. Call now at 407-537-0498 and allow Charters of America to be your Charter bus transportation company for your next sporting event.

Nightlife in Orlando

Orlando, Florida might be a great get away for the kids during the day, however, the nightlife is always fun and thrilling for adults. Never boring, Orlando has some of the most entertaining nightclubs in the country. Whether you and your group decide to go to the famous Blue Martini, or the Hard Rock Café, Charters of America should be your ground transportation of choice. Choose from one of our many party buses, minibuses or charter buses to hit the town. Avoid drinking and driving and just focus on having a great time. Call now and speak with a live agent regarding your party bus transportation needs. We look forward to speaking with you and most importantly, always remember to party responsibly.

Food & Drink

If you are planning on dining out with a party of 5 or more and is looking for ground transportation, please do not hesitate to call Charters of America. Orlando is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. We are delighted to transport you and your guest to some of the best restaurants that Orlando has to offer. Some Orlando restaurants that appeared on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (The Food Network) that we recommend are below.

  • White Wolf Cafe
  • Icebar
  • Sweet
  • Treehouse Truck
  • Fat One’s Hot Dogs
  • Bem Bom

Call now and speak with a dedicated agent on how Charters of America can be your group transportation when it’s time for your dining needs. We look forward to servicing you and let us be the first to say, Bon Appetit.

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