Charter Services

Family Reunions

Charters of America knows the importance of family. We also understand that there is nothing more memorable then spending time with your loved ones for a family reunion. We have united numerous families throughout America by being their choice for bus charters. Allow Charters of America to assist with your next family reunion. We know what it takes to make your family smile.

Corporate Events

Charters of America is your solution for your corporate travel needs. We understand that in the corporate world, time, planning and organizational skills are the utmost importance. With our modern fleet of passenger vans, mini-buses, and charter buses, we are more then confident you and your team will arrive safely and in a timely manner. Whether you need bus transportation to and from the airport or to a convention center, Charters of America will get you there. Call Now at 1-800-315-2418 and speak with a trained agent about how we can make your business trip a successful one.

Assisted Living Facilities

Does your assisted living facility have short or long term residents who would enjoy taking a trip to the casino, theatre play, or sporting event? If so, call Charters of America now at 1-800-315-2418 and speak with a transportation agent on how we can assist you. You will be pleased to know that many of our mini-buses and charter buses are handicap accessible. It will be with great joy, to help with your assisted living bus transportation needs.

Sports Teams

Our modern and updated fleet of buses is prepared to take your sports team to your next away game. Whether you are a professional sports team, college sports team or high school sports team, one thing will remain certain. That is, you will always ride in comfort and luxury when you choose Charters of America. Also, our buses have the luggage capacity to store all of your sports equipment. When it comes to sports teams, allow our drivers to focus on the navigation while we want you to focus on winning your game. Call now to see how we can help with your sports team transportation. We promise, you can’t lose when you call us.

Church Organizations

Whether it’s a youth group activity or a weekend retreat with your congregation, Charters of America will transport you to your destination. While on our buses, you will enjoy our updated amenities such as our wi-fi, DVD players, televisions, and not to mention, our clean and modern restrooms. Ride in peace and harmony on your next church group transportation. A bus transportation agent is waiting by the phone to take your call. We are honored to earn your business and we look forward to your call or inquiry

Construction Site Services

Charters of America is your solution for your construction transportation needs. Servicing over 500 cities throughout the U.S.A., and a fleet size of over 3,000, we understand what it takes to transport your construction workers to the work site. Choose from our fleet of passenger vans, school buses, mini-buses or motor coach buses. We have the manpower, equipment and knowledge to assist with your construction ground transportation. Whether it’s a 2 month project or a 2 year project, we will be by your side every step of the way. Call 1-800-315-2418 and speak with a trained agent in reference to your construction site project.

Airport Shuttles

Charters of America is proud to service the majority of airports within the continental U.S.A. Our airport shuttles and private car service runs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Many of the airports that we service but are not limited to are; Los Angeles LAX, Chicago O’Hare, New York LaGuardia, Miami International Airport, Boston Logan Airport, and Washington D.C. Reagan Airport to name a few. You may fly first class in the friendly skies, but you will always ride first class when you choose Charters of America. Call today for your free quote.

Schools & Universities

Are you an elementary school, high school, or university planning an offsite trip? Call Charters of America today as we assisted numerous schools throughout the nation. Whether it’s an elementary school taking a day trip to the aquarium or a fraternity/sorority planning a special event, we will be there for you. No matter the number of students or faculty, Charters of America has a variety of bus services that will accommodate you. Also, ask about our student discount program when you speak with our trained agent.

Emergency Disaster Evacuation

Natural disasters are happening more frequently then ever before in history. According to Business Insider, “2017 was an expensive, deadly year of natural disasters on Earth.” One should never wait until the last minute to make preparations. Charters of America has a network of over 3,000 chartered buses across the nation. Call 1-800-315-2418 and speak with a trained agent in reference to your emergency disaster evacuation.

Party Buses

Charters of America offers some of the most affordable party buses in the country. Depending on the special occasion, we offer some of the most luxurious vehicles to suit your needs. Whether you need a limousine, party bus or stretched Hummer, Charters of America has a huge selection of vehicles to choose from. Travel in comfort and style when it’s time for you to hit the town. Always remember, one should party responsibly.








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